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Find pages in a space

Trying to find a specific page is hard when you remember some things about it but you don’t remember what it’s called. Searching for it might seem challenging.

When you are in a space, you have a couple ways of finding the right page.

Browse page cards

Select Pages in your space sidebar to get a quick, high-level view of the freshest pages in the space with enough info about the pages to help you find the right one — like who created it, when it was updated last, and a snippet of the first few lines on the page.

Selecting the Pages item in the sidebar presents the pages in the space as card that contain a summary of the page data

If you don’t see what you need initially, you can do some filtering and sorting to really hone in on the right pages.

You can take action directly from page cards. Hovering over a page card, you’ll see options to:

  • Jump directly to edit the page

  • Share pages with your teammates

  • Watch the page to receive notifications

  • Star the page to save it for later

Hover over cards to get quick links to take action

The icon that shows up at the top left of the page card is the default pages icon unless you preface your page title with an emoji. That emoji will show up wherever the page is listed including on the page card.

Search for page titles in the space

By default, the search in the Confluence navigation looks across all spaces, but the search field at the top of the page cards limits the search to for the titles of pages in that space.

To search in a space:

  1. Select Pages in the space sidebar

  2. Enter some of the page title in the Search by title field. When entering multiple words, the operator used is OR. Enter product requirements, and the results will contain product OR requirements.

  3. Press Enter


You can use the Confluence search syntax in the search field to really focus your search results.

Hover over page titles to see cards

Sometimes a page title just isn’t enough to pick the right one. When you hover over a page in the sidebar of a space, you can see more details about it — like when it was updated last, who created the page, and how many comments and likes the page has.

The actions you can take from the page cards in the sidebar include:

  • Jump directly to edit the page

  • Star the page to save it for later

Sharing and watching a page aren’t available here.

How to turn off hover page cards

Seeing page cards on hover is something each user can control, so if you don’t find this useful, you can turn it off in your user settings. In user settings, uncheck the Page card hover option.

View pages differently

Navigating through a structured page tree is useful to some of people some of the time. But if you aren’t familiar with a space or if the page tree gets overgrown, it can be more challenging to find the right page.

To make the list of pages fit you, you can switch the view from the tree view to a flat list that is sorted like you want. Once you choose your view in a space, it stays that way until you change it.

Switch to another way to view the list of pages in a space
  • Tree — view the pages in their standard hierarchical structure

  • Last updated — view the pages created or edited most recently by anyone in the space at the top of a flat list

  • My visits — view the pages you accessed most recently at the top of a flat list

  • Title - A to Z — view the pages in a flat, alphabetical list, starting with pages containing numbers and special characters

Reordering pages in the sidebar using drag and drop is only available in the default tree view. If you need to reorder pages, switch back to the default view.

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