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Add reminders to events

There are some events that are just too important to miss, and you wouldn't want anyone in your team to miss them either.

If you have edit permission for a calendar, you can set reminders for each event typeso that anyone who's added the calendar to their 'My Calendars' page will receive an email at your chosen time.

Set reminders for each event type in Team Calendars

Add reminders to event types

  1. Choose  > Edit

  2. Choose Event Types

  3. Choose the pencil  icon to edit an event type

  4. Add your reminder time and choose Save

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each event type you're adding a reminder to

  6. Choose OK

If you only want to add reminders to one event type, choose the  to the right of the event type, then choose Add a reminder.

From a reminder email you can click to view the event, or turn off reminders for the event type if you don't need them. To remove reminders for an event type, follow the above procedure and set the reminder time to 'None'.

Remember, when you change reminders for an event type, you're changing reminders for anyone who's added the calendar to their My Calendars page.

Turn reminder emails on or off

You can decide whether or not you want to receive reminder emails for each event type on your My Calendars page. This isn't about adding or removing reminders for an event type; it's essentially opting-in to or opting-out of the reminder emails.

Turning off reminders for event types will stop the reminder emails.

 To turn reminders on or off:

  1. Choose Calendars in the Confluence header

  2. Choose the  to the right of an event type

  3. Select Turn on reminders or Turn off reminders

If it says Add a reminder when you get to step 3, it means there's no reminder set for the event type. Only choose that option if you want to set reminders for the event type, which will be sent to everyone who's added the calendar to their My Calendars page.

You can also opt-out of reminder emails for an event type by clicking the Stop reminding me link in the reminder email.

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