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Integrate questions with your spaces

Confluence organizes its content in spaces. Questions recognizes that some content should be available anywhere—so questions can be created in the global questions space and organized just by topic, or asked inside a space, to inherit space permissions and keep things together.

If you have permissions to use Questions, you'll see Questions in the Confluence sidebar, and questions will appear in your search results. 

See questions asked in a space

When asking a question, people can choose to ask a question in a space. This might be for permissions reasons (to make the question private and only visible to people who can see that space) or to keep questions and pages for a team or project together.

To view and search for questions in a space click Questions in the sidebar.

The global questions space

When you install Questions for Confluence, a space for global questions is created. Global questions are questions that aren't asked in a specific Confluence space, but are instead posed to your whole site. You shouldn't delete this space, as deleting it will delete vital Questions info and Questions won't function as it should.

Questions macros

Add a list of questions to a page

One way to encourage users to use questions is to display them on pages using the Questions List macro. For example, if you use Confluence as your intranet, you might include the 5 most popular questions with the topic "human-resources" on pages for new starters in your team. 

To add the macro to a page:

  1. Edit a page and choose Insert > Other Macro

  2. Select Questions List

  3. Enter the number of questions to display

  4. Select a filter (you can choose to show recent, popular, or unanswered questions)

  5. Enter topics (you can choose to match all or any of the topics you enter)

  6. Choose a Space (leave this blank if you want to show all questions)

  7. Hit Insert

The macro will show all matching questions (including questions asked in any spaces you have permission to view). 

Question list macro

Encourage your users to ask their own questions by including a link to the Create question page.

To add an Ask a question link to a page:

  1. Edit a page and choose the link icon from the toolbar. This will open up the Insert link dialog. 

  2. Select Web link, then in the Address field, use the following URL, replacing <hostname> with your site URL (for example, on this site, we would use confluence.atlassian.com)

    1 2 3 4 https://<hostname>/wiki/plugins/servlet/ac/com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions/globalQuestionsViewer?ac.com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions.path=/questions/ask

    This asks a question without limiting it by space. If you want the question to be asked in a specific space, use the following URL instead, replacing <hostname> with your site URL, and replacing <spaceKey> with that space's space key:

    1 2 3 4 https://<hostname>/wiki/display/<spaceKey>/customcontent/list/ac:com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions:question?ac.com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-questions.path=/questions/ask
  3. Add in the Link text (for example, you might choose Ask a question), then click Save

Users who click on the text will then get taken to the following screen.

Ask question

Clicking Ask a question will take users to this screen

Use Confluence macros with questions

The Content by Label macro is great for displaying a list of questions, pages and blogs that have a specific label (or topic) applied. 

To add the macro to a page:

  1. Edit a page and choose Insert > Other Macro

  2. Select Content by Label

  3. Enter the topic or topics that you want displayed in the Labels field

  4. Leave the Include this Content Type Only field blank

  5. Hit Insert

All content, including questions, pages, and blogs that contain the topics specified will appear in the list.

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