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Subscribe to Team Calendars from Apple Calendar

There are two ways to synchronize your calendar in Apple Calendar:

  • Two-way sync (CalDAV) - allows you to view and update Team Calendars events in Apple Calendar.

    • Requires Team Calendars (available with Confluence Premium). 

  • One-way sync (iCal) - allows you to view (but not update) Team Calendars events in Apple Calendar.

Subscribe with two-way synchronization (CalDAV)

Two-way synchronization allows you to view and update Team Calendars events in macOS.

These instructions are for Apple Calendar 10.15 on MacOS Catalina. Your version may differ slightly. To subscribe to Team Calendars from your Apple Calendar with CalDAV, you’ll need the following information:

  • Confluence API token (this will be your password)

  • Confluence Cloud server address

To get your Confluence API token:

  1. Select your profile picture in Confluence from the top nav > Settings

  2. Under YOUR SETTINGS, select Password

  3. In the API token section, select the link Create and manage API tokens

  4. Select Create API token

  5. Name your API token, select Create, and then select Copy (you won’t be able to copy this later)

To get your Confluence Cloud server address:

  1. In the top nav, choose Apps > Calendars.

  2. Select the the More actions menu (•••) for your calendar in the side nav and choose Subscribe.

  3. In the Calendar app dropdown, select Apple Calendar (macOS).

    • If prompted, add the calendar to My Calendars.

      • If you don’t add it to My Calendars, it won’t sync.

  4. Copy the following information and paste it in the respective fields in your Apple Calendar:

    • Server address

    • Server path

    • Port number

To add the Team Calendars account in Apple Calendar:

In the Calendar app on your Mac:

  1. Open the Calendar app on your Mac.

  2. Select Calendar > Add Account.

  3. Select Other CalDAV account.

  4. In the Account Type dropdown, select Advanced.

  5. In Username field, add the email account linked to your Confluence account.

  6. In the Password field, paste the API token you copied from Confluence.

  7. Paste the Server address, Server path (/wiki/plugins/servlet/team-calendars/caldav/), and Port (443) you copied from Confluence.

  8. Select Sign in

All available calendars will be listed under your Confluence URL.  Deselect any calendars you don't want to see.  

To rename the calendar group, select Calendar > Accounts and edit the account listing. 

Subscribe with one-way synchronization (iCal format)

These instructions are for Apple Calendar 11.0 on  MacOS Catalina. Your version may differ slightly. 

Grab your Team Calendars URL from Confluence:

  1. Choose the More actions menu () to the right of a calendar name, then choose Subscribe.

  2. Select iCal from the Calendar app dropdown (don't choose Apple Calendar for one-way sync).

  3. Copy the calendar's URL.

Subscribe to the calendar in Apple Calendar on your Mac:

  1. Choose File > New Calendar Subscription

  2. Paste the calendar URL and choose Subscribe.

  3. Configure any other calendar information and choose Save.

You can now view, but not edit, Team Calendar events in Apple Calendar.

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