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Take quick action from the content title

Quick actions have been added to the content tree in your space sidebar to make it faster and easier to do common tasks. Because you can take action without selecting an item and moving away from the sidebar, getting your job done will take less time and effort.

When you hover over the title, a More actions ( ••• ) menu appears, giving you the choice to:

  • Edit — Jump into editing without having to navigate to the page and select edit

  • Rename — Change the item’s title directly in the content tree

  • Star — Add or remove an item from your list of starred items

  • Get link — Copy the item’s URL to your clipboard

  • CopyDuplicate the item within the current space or into another one

  • MoveMove the item to a new place in the current space or into another one

  • ArchiveRemove the item from the sidebar and search results

See all the actions you can take on a page when selecting More actions after hovering over a page name in the sidebar

If you don’t have permission to do an action, the action will be greyed out.

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