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Define terms using Atlassian Intelligence

This Atlassian Intelligence feature is in beta. Read more about Atlassian Intelligence features.

One of the most challenging things about consuming content in Confluence can be getting the context you need to understand what you’re reading. Abbreviations, acronyms, unfamiliar terms, and team or project-specific names can lead to a lengthy search for the information you need.

Atlassian Intelligence can save you time by defining these things for you, without navigating away from what you’re reading.

Define terms with Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

You can only define terms with Atlassian Intelligence while viewing a Confluence page or blog, not while editing.

  1. Highlight what you want to define.

  2. Select Define (to the right of the Comment option).

  3. Atlassian Intelligence generates a definition.

Define terms with Atlassian Intelligence

If you need more information about a definition, you can review the linked sources used to generate it. You can also rate the quality of the definition or report any issues.

This feature works best when you select a term, abbreviation/acronym, or team/project name that is referenced often in your Confluence site. This is because Atlassian Intelligence relies on the information in your Confluence that you have access to in order to generate a definition.

If you try to select more than a few words, you will likely encounter an error.


For more on how Atlassian Intelligence works, its limitations, and our commitment to privacy, visit the Atlassian Trust Center.

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