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Database tour

Every Confluence database has the same sets of options. Here's a quick walkthrough.

A capture of the database UI with annotations numbers from 1 to 7
  1. Views — Create and save views accessible to anyone using the database that defines the data you see, using different layouts, filters, and sorting options.

  2. Layouts — Select the way your database is displayed by picking one of the layouts in the menu:

    • Table — Structure your content in a table.

    • Card — Display your entries as separate cards.

    • Board — Create simple Kanban workflows with columns based on a single field in your Database.

  3. Filter entries — Filters allow you to define specific data display criteria. When defining multiple filters, you can decide whether the entries should be displayed based on matching all or any specified filters.

  4. Sort by field — Define the order of your entries based on a field value. You can sort a field in ascending (arrow up) or descending (arrow down) sequence. Switch between both options by using the arrow next to the field name.

  5. Hide fields — Hide fields from your view by deselecting them in the menu list.

  6. More The More menu contains the following other actions available to the database:

    • Undo

    • Redo

    • Lock structure

    • Copy structure

    • Import

    • Export

    • Get help

    • Give feedback

  7. Quick search - Use this to find entries in the database quickly.

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