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Database impact on third-party apps

Confluence databases are in beta. Reach out to your Product admin to enable this feature. Explore further details about Confluence databases here.


With the introduction of databases, some third-party apps on Confluence may experience partial disruptions. Our team is working closely with app developers to address any known issues. Below is the list of affected third-party apps and their current status:



Scroll PDF Exporter

Partial Impact (mitigation* enabled)

Scroll Documents

Partial Impact (mitigation* enabled)

Advance Tables for Confluence

Partial Impact (mitigation* enabled)

ViewTracker - Analytics for Confluence

Partial Impact (mitigation* enabled)

*Mitigation ensures that the app continues to run smoothly for existing pages by essentially ignoring databases in the content tree. Once app developers update the app to handle databases properly, this mitigation will be disabled.

This article will be updated as progress is made.


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