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Change your theme

You can set a theme to change how Confluence looks.

To change your theme:

  1. Select your profile avatar at the right of the navigation bar, then select Theme.

  2. Select one of the theme options:

    • Light: Sets Confluence to display in lighter colors. This is the default theme.

    • Dark: Sets Confluence to display in darker colors.

    • Match Browser: This will match the theme you set in your browser. If you don’t have this set, you will see the default theme.

The theme you select will be saved to your account, so your choice will apply even if you use Confluence on another device.

A user selects their profile and changes from Light to Dark theme.

Themes change your current view of Confluence and don’t impact how a reader sees your page.

Admin-driven themes

If you switch to Dark theme and your top navigation bar doesn’t look right, your admin may have set custom colors that don’t work well with Dark theme. Contact your admin to update the colors.

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