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See standard event types

Each calendar includes a standard set of event types, which you can use to classify the different events in the calendar. You can also create custom event types to capture events that don't fit into the standard event types.

Standard event types

  • Leave – For tracking holidays and breaks. Who is out of the office and when.  

  • Travel – For tracking your team's travel plans.

  • Birthdays – To help you celebrate those special moments with your team members.

  • Events – A generic event type where you can create any type of event.

Team Calendars integrates with Jira applications and allows you to plan your Jira projects and see how your team's availability may impact them. You can create Add Jira events for:

  • Jira Versions – To plan your releases.

  • Jira Sprints – Visualize your teams Agile Sprints inside your calendar to see how your team's leave could impact your project.  

  • Jira Issue Dates

If you don't want to use any of the standard event types, hide them by choosing the calendar's drop-down menu, then select Edit > Event Types. Choose the minus  icon to hide the event type.

Color-code event types

All events are color-coded according to the event type they belong to. 

All events are color-coded according to the event type they belong to. Changing event type colors changes the appearance of its events for you, but not for other viewers of the calendar. Each person viewing the calendar is free to set their preferred color scheme.

To change the color of events in a particular event type:

  1. Hover over the event type and click the  that appears to the right

  2. Choose the appropriate color for the event type

Filter events

If you've got a lot of events on your Team Calendar, you may want to show or hide certain event types or calendars to reduce clutter. Click on an event type to show or hide its events, or hit next to a calendar and choose Hide events to hide all events in that calendar.

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