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Subscribe to Google Calendars from Confluence

Subscribing to Google Calendars in Team Calendars is a convenient way to see all your events in one place, meaning you don't need to leave Confluence just to check your appointments.

Subscribe to Google Calendar from Team Calendars

In Google Calendar:

  1. Choose the drop-down menu for the calendar, then choose Calendar Settings

  2. Locate the Private Address section and choose ICAL

  3. Copy the URL ending in .ics

In Confluence:  

  1. Choose Calendars from the Confluence or space sidebar (to add the calendar in a space)

  2. Hit the down arrow next to Add Calendar and choose Subscribe By URL

  3. Enter the calendar Name, paste in the calendar URL, and enter your username and password credentials for the calendar

Events from your Google Calendar will now appear in Team Calendars.

Subscribing to Google Calendars in Team Calendars.


Team Calendar reads Google's calendars and caches them for an hour by default. Currently, there's no way to configure the synchronization frequency or interval via the UI. The feature request is tracked here: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-50112.

Subscriptions are read-only (you can't modify events from Team Calendars).

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