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Export your database data

You can export database data into CSV, HTML, and PDF formats. Each format offers the flexibility to include the current view or export all data in a table layout.

Export options

  • CSV: Ideal for importing data into other database tools or spreadsheets.

  • HTML: Useful for sharing data in a web-friendly format, with the option to copy the export data to the clipboard.

  • PDF: Suitable for creating read-only versions of your data for reports and presentations.

How to export your data

  1. Go to your database.

  2. Open the more (•••) menu at the top right corner of the database.

  3. Select Export from the menu.

  4. Select your preferred export format (CSV, HTML, or PDF).

  5. (Optional) Check the Export with current view option to include the current view settings. It will export all the data in a table layout if not checked.

  6. Follow the prompts to download the exported file to your device.


Importing exported data

You can import data into a new database using the exported HTML or CSV files, making it easy to transfer and manage your data across different databases.


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