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Enable Loom in Confluence

The Loom in Confluence integration is currently in beta and subject to change.

Once enabled, Loom cannot be disabled for your site during the beta period.

Confluence product admins can further enhance team productivity by enabling Loom videos within Confluence.

  1. Open Confluence administration in your Confluence site by selecting .

  2. Expand the Configuration section, then select New features.

  3. Review what to expect during the Loom in Confluence beta.

  4. If you agree to the terms, select Enable Loom in Confluence.

You’ll get a free trial of the Loom Business plan for the duration of the beta. After the beta ends, you'll move to the Free plan (unless you choose to upgrade).

Loom does not currently support certain Confluence features (including HIPAA compliance, data residency, and backup & restore).

After opt-in is complete, your team will have their own workspace on Loom.com (with the same name as your Confluence site) and all your Confluence site users will be added to the Loom workspace. Users removed from Confluence will lose access to Loom and new users added to Confluence will automatically gain access to Loom.

Loom AI features are included as part of the beta integration with Confluence, and are automatically enabled for your workspace when you enable Loom in Confluence. These features and settings are separate from Atlassian Intelligence features and settings, and are governed by the Loom product-specific terms.

For more information, including how to turn off for your workspace, explore Loom AI.

Loom video permissions

Loom videos that you record are stored in your Loom library on Loom.com and follow the default permissions of your team’s Loom workspace (typically, that anyone in your workspace can view). You can change the privacy settings for each Loom video you create. Loom videos can be restricted to anyone with the link, anyone in your Loom workspace, or only people you specifically add.

The visibility of Loom videos added to Confluence will depend on both Confluence restrictions and Loom video privacy settings. As an example, if your Loom video itself is viewable by anyone in your workspace and items in the content tree of your personal space are only viewable by you, then only you would be able to view the embedded Loom video added to your personal space through Create > Loom video.

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