Archiving a space hides it from basic site navigation, removing clutter so that it’s easier to find the most up-to-date and relevant content. You’ll always be able to find an archived space if you need it later, and you can restore it at any time.

Archive a space

  1. Make sure you’re in the space you want to archive.
  2. Click on Space Settings in the sidebar. 

  3. Make sure you’re in the Overview tab, then in the secondary tab navigation under Overview, click Archive Space.

  4. Click the Archive this space button.

  5. Click Archive.

How archived spaces behave on your site

Archived spaces (and all content contained within them) won’t appear in the following:

  • Confluence search results — unless you select Search archived spaces. (This option is hidden if there are no archived spaces.)
  • Any dropdown menus, including the Confluence quick navigation (which drops down when you enter text in the search box).

  • The general list of spaces in the Space Directory. Instead, they’ll appear in the Archived Spaces list. 

  • Any activity streams, even if the archived space is updated.

Confluence search archived spaces

Archived spaces retain the following functionality:

  • You can view the content as usual, by following a link or typing in a URL belonging to the archived space. 
  • You can edit the content as usual, as determined by the space permissions.

  • RSS feeds, watches and notifications remain active.

  • They’re still appear under any categories they’ve been labeled with.

  • Public spaces (accessible to anyone on the Internet) will continue to appear in external search engines’ search results, like Google’s.

Restore an archived space

  1. Click Spaces in the Confluence top navigation.
  2. Click View all spaces at the bottom of the dropdown to go to the Space Directory.
  3. Click Archived Spaces in directory's sidebar.

  4. Find your space and click the "i" info icon on the right next to the star.

  5. Click Edit Space Details link.

  6. Change the Status  field from “Archived” to “Current.”

  7. Hit Save.

Confluence edit space details