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Collaboration limits on whiteboards

Confluence whiteboards are designed to facilitate smooth collaboration among people. To ensure an optimal experience, there are certain limits in place:

Maximum number of collaborators

The maximum number of people who can actively collaborate on a single whiteboard is set at 60. This limit ensures that collaborative sessions remain efficient and responsive, allowing a diverse group of participants to engage simultaneously.

Maximum number of elements

For effective whiteboard management, there is a limit of 5000 elements that can be added to a whiteboard. Elements include shapes, text, pictures, and any other content contributed to the whiteboard. This constraint is implemented to maintain optimal performance and responsiveness even in large-scale collaborative sessions.


These limits are designed to strike a balance between a rich collaborative experience and system efficiency. We're actively working on increasing these limits! If you reach these limits, we would love to hear from you. You can give feedback using the menu at the top right of your whiteboard. Please include any context for your use case and the impact the limits had on your work.

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