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Convert legacy pages in all spaces

Confluence admins can enable auto-conversion of all legacy pages within Confluence to the new editor.

When page auto-conversion is turned on for the instance, users will see a banner notification at the top of each legacy page when they are in edit mode. The page will be previewed with new editor formatting, but won’t change until the page is updated.

Pages that can be converted from the legacy to new editor display a notification.

To enable auto-conversion of pages across Confluence:

  1. Select the wheel icon () in the top-right corner to open Confluence administration.

  2. Find Settings > Configuration in the left-hand navigation.

  3. Select General configuration.

  4. Find Convert pages automatically and check Enable.

  5. Select Save.

If auto-conversion is enabled, eligible pages will be previewed in the new editor until published, at which point the new editor is “saved.” This can be reverted to legacy in page history.

If auto-conversion is not enabled, only pages that were published in the new editor will stay in the new editor.

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