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Copy Space Permissions

Copy permissions from one space to another to save time and prevent mistakes. This feature will simplify permissions setup and ensure that all permission settings are consistent across all spaces.


This feature is for users with a Standard or higher subscription.

You must be a Confluence admin or space admin to use this feature. You must also have the Create space permission enabled. Learn more about the Confluence permissions in Permissions and restrictions.

Copying space permissions

As a space admin, you can can reuse permissions from an existing space and copy them into a new or existing space.

  1. Go to your space that you’d like to change permissions for (not the space you want to copy permissions from).

  2. Select Space Settings from the sidebar.

  3. Select General from the Space permissions card.

    1. The Space permissions card is only visible if you're a space admin in that space.

  4. Open the Override all permissions drop-down menu and select Copy permissions from another space.

  5. In the Choose a space field, type and select the name of the space whose permissions you want to copy.

  6. Select Apply.

  7. Select Copy permissions to confirm you want to override the permissions with those of the selected space.


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