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Create a new whiteboard

There are two ways to create a whiteboard today in Confluence.

  • Option 1 — Select the Create button in the navigation, and select ‘Whiteboard’. This will create a whiteboard in the space you are currently in or will default to your personal space/whichever space you have edit permissions.

Selecting the whiteboard option from the create button
  • Option 2 — Select the + button next to the Content section in the space sidebar, and select ‘Whiteboard’ to create a whiteboard in your space.

Selecting the whiteboard option from the content tree create button

You can also create a whiteboard under a page/whiteboard using the + button that appears when hovering over the content’s title in the sidebar.

Get started with a template

When you land in a new whiteboard you will be prompted to select a template from our template picker.

Select from a number of best-practice templates from the Atlassian Team Playbook to help you get started.

  1. Hover over a template in the template picker.

  2. Select Use template.

To prevent this picker from showing on each whiteboard load, uncheck the box ‘Show when creating a whiteboard'.

Selecting a template from the template picker dialog

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