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Delete a space

Deleting a space permanently removes the space and all of its contents from your site. Only someone with space admin permissions for the space can delete it.

Deleting a space is immediate and permanent! There is no Trash from which a deleted space can be retrieved, and no way to restore a space or its content once it is deleted.

If you’re not 100% sure about deleting a space, try archiving it instead.


Or you can create an XML export of the space as a backup before you delete it. That way, if you decide you need the space, you can restore it from the XML export file.

To delete a space:

  1. Select Space Settings in the space's sidebar.

  2. You'll land in the Overview tab. In the secondary row of tabs below it, select Delete Space.

  3. Select Delete this space.

  4. Select Delete.

If you want to know who the administrators of a space are, you can go to Space Settings in the space sidebar, and see the list of administrators on the Overview tab.


Last modified on Mar 25, 2021
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