This content applies to the legacy editor and the new editor.

The files you upload are attached to pages in Confluence. See Upload files for more info. Once a file is attached, you can download, delete, or edit it by uploading a new version or attaching it to a different page.

Downloading attached files

Any user with permission to view a page can download files that are attached to that page. 

To download an individual file, either:

  • Click the Download button in the file preview, or
  • Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments, then right click on the name of the file to save it.

To download all files attached to a page as a zip file: 

  1. Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments
  2. Click Download All.

There's no option to download all attachments in a space. 

Delete an attached file

You'll need the 'Delete Attachment' space permission to delete an attached file. 

To delete all versions of an attached file:

  1. Go to the page that contains the attachment.
  2. Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments
  3. Select Delete next to the attachment you want to delete.
  4. Select Delete to confirm your action.

Space admins can restore deleted files from the trash. They can also delete a specific versions of an file.

To delete a version of a file as a space admin:

  1. Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments.
  2. Click the expand arrow next to the attachment name to see the list of attachment versions.
  3. Select Delete next to the version you want to delete.
Deleted versions can't be restored from the trash.

Upload a new version of an attached file

There are two ways up upload a new version of an attached file.  You can:

  • Upload a file with the same name as the current version on the page. 
  • Preview the file, then click  to upload an image or PDF with a different name. 

To view attachment versions:

  • Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments.
  • Click the expand arrow next to the attachment name.

This lets you see previous versions of the file.  

Move a file to another page

You'll need the Add Page, Add Attachment, and Remove Attachment space permissions to move an attached file to another page. 

To change the page that a file is attached to:

  • Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments.
  • Select Properties next to the attachment you want to move.
  • Enter the name of the page you want to move the attachment to (for example, My Destination Page).
  • Click Save.

To move the file to a page in another space, add the space key before the page name (for example DOC:My Destination Page).  

Edit properties of an attached file

You'll need the Add Attachment permission in the space to edit the file properties. 

To edit the properties of an attached file:

  1. Go to Actions menu icon > Attachments.
  2. Click Properties next to the attachment you want to edit. 

This lets you:

  • Change the file name.
  • Add a comment (used in the version list and also by the Snapshot image effect).
  • Change the MIME type.
  • Move the attachment to another page.
  • Add a label to the file.

Changing the MIME type may cause your file to display incorrectly. 

View all attached files in a space

There are two ways to view all the files in a space:

  • Use the Space Attachments macro to display the list of files on a page.
  • Click on the space name in the navigation, and click Space Settings, then click the Content tools tab. Select Attachments.

Use the filters to show only files that have a particular label or file extension.