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Customize a site's color schemes

As a Confluence admin, you can configure a custom color scheme for your site's navigation. It might be to brand your site with your corporate colors, or just because you like a particular color.

To quickly change your color scheme, upload your company logo. Confluence will use the colors to automatically update the color scheme.

When modifying the color scheme, you can control the following areas.

  • Accent color — This setting lets you control the following elements in the navigation:

    1. Underlines the navigation menu in focus

    2. Create button background color

    3. Border color for the search field when in focus

The portions of the Confluence navigation that can have their highlight color adjusted.

If the application is taking a little time to load, a progress bar shown below the navigation bar uses the accent color.

  • Background color — You can customize the background color. If you set a background color in earlier versions of Confluence, that background color is maintained.

Change the site's color scheme

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Select Color Scheme in the panel on the left under Look and feel

  3. Select Edit

  4. Enter a color code or use the color-picker to choose a new color

  5. Select Save

Any changes you save are immediately reflected across the Confluence site.

The navigation text color is automatically chosen for you in order to optimize legibility. For example, if your background color is white, the text color chosen provides the greatest contrast with some shade of dark grey; if you background is black or blue, the text color is some shade of white.

Your selected background colors will also respond to the user’s choice of Dark or Light themes. When the user is in Dark theme, the background color will be slightly darker.

When you upload a site logo, Confluence automatically detects the colors in your logo and customizes the color scheme for you. You can change the color scheme as above, or reset your color scheme back to the default (and still keep your new site logo).

Customizing color scheme settings.

To reset the color scheme:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Select Color Scheme in the left-hand panel

  3. Select Edit

  4. Select Reset to default


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