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What are space permissions?

Each space in Confluence has its own set of permissions, which can be granted and revoked by a space admin. The user who creates a space is automatically an admin of that space, and they can add other space admins by giving another user or group the Admin permission. Space admins can assign permissions for the space to individual users, groups, or anonymous users.

Space permissions aren’t customizable on the Free plan.

To find out who the space admins are for a particular space:

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.

  2. Select Space settings from the sidebar. 

  3. Select Space details from the Manage space card.

  4. See Administrators.


To change permissions for a space, see Assign space permissions.

Space admins can also manage watchers for that space by selecting the watch icon at the top right of any page in the space and selecting Manage watchers.

If you accidentally deny all admin access to a space so that nobody has access to administer the space any more, you can ask someone with Confluence Administrator global permission to recover space permissions and provide space admin access to the appropriate people.

This page is about space permissions. Confluence also lets you set page restrictions.

Assignable permissions for each space


User can view all the content in your space, except when they're restricted from doing so on individual pages.


User can add new pages, blogs, comments, or attachments in your space. You can assign "Add" permissions individually by content type. If assigned, the user can also edit all of that content type in your space, except when restricted from doing so on individual pages.


User can delete any page, comment, or attachment in your space. You can assign "Delete" permissions individually by content type.

Delete Own

User can only delete pages they created or attachments they added. (Note: If user can add comments, they can delete their own.)


User can edit page restrictions on all pages in your space, which govern who can view or edit a page.


User can export the whole space. (Page-level export is governed by the "View" permission. anyone who can view a page can also export it.)


User can administer the space, which includes the ability to pass on admin permissions to other users.

Confluence admins aren't necessarily space admins. In order for them to be a space admin, they must belong to a group which has both view permission and space admin permission in the space, or they must be granted those permissions as an individual in the space.

Space permissions are additive

Space permissions are additive. If a user is granted permissions as an individual or as a member of one or more groups, Confluence will combine these permissions together. 


Sasha is a member of the confluence-users group and the developers group. The confluence-users group has 'export' permission, but does not have 'restrict' permission. The developers group has 'restrict' permission but does not have 'export' permission.

By being a member of these two groups, Sasha can restrict and export content. The permissions do not conflict, they combine to determine what Sasha is allowed to do in this space.


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