This feature is offered with Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

View analytics on your Confluence site. With analytics you can get insights on how your sitespaces, and pages are performing and how active users are. You can also export reports of these insights to share with your team.

Analytics is available to all users with Premium. If needed, you can set who can view analytics on your site and spaces. 

Analytics shows activity dating back to the day you upgraded to Premium.

Access analytics

You can access Analytics from the Apps menu in the Confluence navigation sidebar and page-specific analytics at the top of a page.

From the Confluence navigation

When you access analytics from the navigation, you get an overview of your site's usage and access to insights on spaces, users, and searches.

  1. Click the Apps menu in the navigation.
  2. Click Analytics

For more information, see View insights on your site and View insights on spaces.

From any page

When you access analytics from a page, you can get a quick summary of insights on your page, such as total page views. From there, you can view more detailed page analytics, such as which users have viewed the page, which versions of the page they viewed, and more.

  1. At the top of any page, click  Analytics
  2. Click View analytics to see the detailed analytics about your page.
For more information, see View insights on pages.