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Change your site and space logos

You can customize the look and feel of your Confluence site by changing the logos.

You can change:

  • the site logo

  • the default space logo for all spaces

  • the space logo for individual spaces

The Confluence application logo is shown (1), along with the customizable site logo (2).
  1. Confluence (application) logo

  2. Site logo

The Site Logo appears in the Confluence sidebar. You need Confluence Administrator permissions to change the site logo.  

To change the site logo:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Select Site Logo and Favicon

  3. Select Browse to upload a new logo

  4. Select Show Logo Only or Show Logo and Title depending on whether you wish the Site Title to display

  5. Select Save

Confluence's Auto Look and Feel will detect the colors in your new logo, and change the site color scheme to match. 

If you'd prefer to use the default color scheme with your custom logo, go to (Settings) in the Confluence navigation > Color Scheme > Edit and then select Reset to revert back to the default scheme. 

Change the site icon (favicon)

You can also change the site favicon (the icon that appears in your browser tab). You need Confluence Administrator permissions to do this. 

  1. Go to (Settings) in the Confluence navigation > Site Logo and Favicon

  2. Select Choose File in the Favicon section

  3. Locate your image file and select Upload

You can upload PNG, GIF, JPEG, or ICO files. For best results images should be square, and at least 48x48 pixels.

The space logo appears at the top of the space overview and as an icon in the space directory. The default space logo applies to all spaces that don't have a custom space logo applied.

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to change the default space logo.

To change the default space logo:

  1. Go to (Settings) in the Confluence navigation > Default Space Logo

  2. Select Logo:ON 

  3. Select Choose File to upload a new logo

  4. Select Upload Logo 

  5. Select Save

The Space Directory showing the default logo (1) and a custom one (2).
  1. Default logos

  2. Custom logo

Space admins can change the logo for their space, which overrides the default space logo. See Customize your Space to find out how to change the logo in a specific space.

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