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Configure the indexing language

Changing the indexing language defined in Confluence Cloud may improve the accuracy of your search results, especially if the majority of the content of your site is in a language other than English. Confluence Cloud supports content indexing in English (default), German, Russian, Chinese, CJK, Custom Japanese, French, Portuguese, Czech and Greek.

Currently, you can only can change indexing language and reindex all documents if you are a sysadmin. Otherwise, you have to contact Atlassian Cloud support.

To configure the indexing language:

  1. If you aren’t already there, go to your Confluence Cloud instance.

  2. Select the wheel icon () in the top-right corner to open Confluence administration.

  3. Select General configuration from the sidebar (under Configuration).

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Select the Indexing Language from the dropdown list in the Formatting and International Settings section.

  6. Select Save.

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