Global permissions let you control what different groups of users can do in your Confluence site. Only admins can change these permissions.

Global permissions aren’t customizable on the Free plan.

Global permissions and their functions

Confluence site permissions

These permissions are managed on a site-by-site basis by Confluence admins.

Personal SpaceUsers with this permission can create and manage a personal space on your Confluence site.
Create Space

This permission lets users create and manage new spaces on your Confluence site.

When someone creates a new space, they automatically become an admin for that space and can perform space-wide administrative functions.

To edit these permissions:

  1. Go to  (Settings) > Global Permissions and tap Edit Permissions.
  2. Under Groups, find the checkbox for the permission and user group you'd like to edit.
  3. Check the box to grant permission to that user group, or uncheck the box to revoke it.
  4. Tap Save All to apply your changes.

Atlassian Cloud permissions

These permissions are centrally managed by Atlassian Cloud admins.

Use Confluence

This permission lets users access your Confluence site.

Users with this permission are counted toward the overall number of licenses you've purchased.

Confluence Administrator

This permission lets users manage your site as an admin.

Users with this permission can access the admin console for your Confluence site and use it to perform site-wide administrative functions.

To edit these permissions:

  1. Go to  (Settings) > User management > Application access and tap View configuration.
  2. Under Confluence, find the checkbox for the permission and user group you'd like to edit.

To grant the Use Confluence permission, check one of the boxes under Can sign in. To grant the Confluence Administrator permission, check one of the boxes under Admin.

Restricted permissions

These permissions can't be edited by site admins.

System Administrator

This permission applies to the Atlassian staff member who manages your Confluence instance.

Site admins can't change this permission.

Attach Files to User Profile

This permission has been deprecated. Changes you make to it won't have any effect.

Revoking access for unlicensed users from Jira Service Desk

If you're using Confluence as a knowledge base for Jira Service Desk, you may decide to let active users and customers, including users who don't have a Confluence license, view pages in some Confluence spaces. For more information about setting up Confluence as a knowledge base, see Serving customers with a knowledge base

If you decide you no longer want unlicensed users to see pages in your Confluence site, you can revoke site-level access from the Global Permissions page. You can also revoke access to an individual space from the Space Permissions screen for that space. 

To revoke site-level access for unlicensed users:

  1. Go to 


    in the Confluence navigation
     > Global Permissions and tap Edit Permissions.
  2. Under Unlicensed Access, uncheck the box in the Use Confluence column. 

You can turn unlicensed access back on at any time through Jira Service Desk.

This section only appears on the Global Permissions page in Confluence if you have linked a space to your Service Desk project (as a Knowledge base), and chosen to allow all active users and customers to access without a Confluence license. See Serving customers with a knowledge base in the Service Desk documentation for more info.