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Manage global permissions

Global permissions are broad controls for your Confluence site. As a Confluence admin, you can use global permissions to see which user groups and which types of users currently have access to your Confluence site and make high-level decisions about what they can do on it.

This page will show you how to manage global permissions for the following user types:

  • licensed users

  • JSM access

  • anonymous access

You can also manage global permissions for apps.

Global permissions only apply to the given Confluence site — changes made to one Confluence site won’t affect any other Confluence sites you manage.

Global permissions aren’t customizable on the Free plan. To edit them, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Manage what licensed users can do on your Confluence site

Licensed users are given access to your Confluence site as members of user groups. Individual users can’t be added individually.

Global permissions can’t be assigned to individual users, only the group.

Finer controls that can be assigned to both individual users and groups are available in space permissions and at the page level.

Assign global permissions for licensed users

The permissions vary based on the tab.

Personal space

Create space

View user profile

Users in the group are automatically given a personal space on your Confluence site.

Turning this off doesn’t delete existing spaces. It prevents spaces from being created for users added to this group after you make the change.

Lets users in the group create and manage new spaces on your Confluence site.

When someone creates a new space, they automatically become an admin for that space.

Lets users in the group view the user profiles of licensed users on your Confluence site. Users profiles and profile cards contain contact information and organization structures, as well as activity on Confluence and access to other relevant users' profiles.

To edit global permissions:

  1. Click the gear icon () in the top nav bar to go to your site’s settings

  2. In the settings side nav, go to Global Permissions

  3. Make sure you’re in the User groups tab, then click Edit

  4. Check the box to grant permission, or uncheck the box to revoke it

  5. Click Save when you’re done

Changes to global permissions aren’t active until you click Save.

You can search and filter user groups while in edit mode.

Only system admins can edit perms for the system admin group.

Add or remove user groups

Only site admins or organization admins can add or remove user groups from Confluence.

To add or remove user groups:

  1. Click the Manage groups button (this takes you to the Product Access page of admin.atlassian.com)

  2. To add a group, click Add group in the Confluence section

  3. To remove a group, find the desired group in the list, click the ••• menu on the line item, and select Remove group

Add an individual user

Individual users can’t be given direct access to your Confluence site. Only user groups can be directly added to a site. Access for individual users is a result of being a member of a group that has access. So to add an individual user to your Confluence site, you have a few options:

  • Add the user to a user group that already has access to your site

  • Find an existing user group that the user is already a member of and add it to your site

  • Create a new user group for the user and add it to your site

This is all done on admin.atlassian.com, which site or organization admins can get to quickly from global permission by clicking the Manage groups button. From there, go to the Users or Groups page.

Remove an individual user

Removing an individual user from your Confluence site is a bit more complicated than adding a user to it.

Option 1: Remove the groups

You can remove an individual user from your Confluence site by simply removing all the user groups that include the user.

To do this from global permissions:

  1. Click the Manage groups button (this takes you to the Product Access page of admin.atlassian.com)

  2. Find the groups that include the user and click the ••• menu on each of their line items and select Remove group

Learn more about product access settings.

Option 2: Remove the user from the groups

If you want to remove the user’s access from your Confluence site without removing any groups, you’ll need to remove the user from all groups that have access.

To do this from global permissions:

  1. Click the Manage groups button (this takes you to the Product Access page of admin.atlassian.com)

  2. Go to the Groups page under User Management

  3. Search for the group you want to remove the user from and click the linked text of its name view the group

  4. Find the user in the list of group members and click Remove


  1. Go to the Users page

  2. Find the user you want to remove, click their name or Show details to go to their profile

  3. In Groups section of the user’s profile, find the groups they need to be removed from, click the ••• menu, and select Remove from group

Manage access for Jira Service Management agents

You can choose whether to allow licensed Jira Service Management (JSM) agents to view content on your Confluence site, even if the agents don’t have a Confluence license.

If JSM access is not enabled, you can turn it on in JSM. Once it’s enabled, you can determine whether or not JSM users can view user profiles for licensed users on your confluence site.

To disable JSM access, click Edit in the JSM access tab and uncheck Use Confluence. Don’t forget to save changes. Once disabled, JSM access to Confluence can only be enabled again in JSM.

Learn more about JSM access to Confluence.

Manage anonymous access

By enabling anonymous access on your Confluence site, any space admin will be able to make their space accessible by anonymous users (aka, anyone on the internet). “Anonymous" users are anyone who hasn’t logged into their account, whether they have an account or not.

To enable anonymous access, go to the Anonymous access tab, click Edit, and check Use Confluence. (Don’t forget to save changes.)

You can also determine whether anonymous users can view the user profiles of licensed users.

Enabling individual spaces for anonymous access must be done in space settings.

Anonymous access doesn’t affect your license count.

Learn more about anonymous access.

Recover space permissions

Confluence and site admins are always able to access permissions for any spaces on their site. If a space is ever without a space admin — for example, if the only space admin for a space left the organization — a Confluence or site admin can always recover control over space permissions by becoming a space admin. This can be done temporarily, long enough to assign another person as admin of the space.

To recover space permissions:

  1. Select the gear icon in the top nav (top right) to go to product settings.

  2. Select Space Permissions.

  3. Locate the space in the Individual Spaces list and select Recover Permissions. (If you're already an admin in the space, you'll see Manage Permissions.)

Selecting Recover Permissions will be recorded in the Confluence audit log.

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