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Restore archived pages to the page tree

Page archiving is a two-way door — you can tidy your space and keep the content in it up-to-date by archiving a page, but you can also return archived pages to the page tree when a project is reopened or when a page has otherwise become relevant again (or if pages were archived by mistake).

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Restore an archived page

There are two ways to restore an archived page back to the page tree: 

  • directly from an archived page

  • from the archived pages list in the archive

Directly from an archived page

While viewing any archived page, you’ll see a banner message across the top that labels it as an archived page. If you have permission to restore the page, you’ll find a Restore link in the text of that banner.

  1. Click Restore

  2. Choose a destination in the page tree from the dropdown (this will be its new parent page)

  3. Click Restore

Before restoring a page, be sure to check if it has inherited permissions. If it does, then the page is relying on one of its parent pages to control who can view it, in which case you might be exposing it to a wider audience by restoring it. To avoid this, set view restrictions on the page you’re restoring.

From the archived pages list

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your page tree and click Archived pages

  2. In the list of archived pages, find the page you want to restore, click the More actions menu (•••) on that page’s line item, and click Restore

  3. Choose a destination for the page in the page tree

  4. Click Restore

Restore a page and all of its nested pages (Premium only)

When restoring a page on the premium plan, you’ll have the option to include any nested pages with the selected parent page—all in one action. This lets you restore groups of pages that were archived together, and maintain their contextual relationship with one another.

Keep in mind that nested restoring is an all or nothing action. You can choose to restore all the nested pages you have permission to restore, or none of them; there’s no middle ground.

You can’t restore any nested pages you don’t have permission to view.

Any nested page you don’t have permission to restore (or view) will remain in the archived pages list and move up according to the new hierarchy.

Watch out for inherited permissions on nested pages. Any nested pages “left behind” in the archived pages list as a result of a nested restore action will have a new parent page. If any of these “left behind” pages don’t have view restrictions set on them, you could be exposing content to a wider audience than intended.

All pages restored together will maintain their hierarchy in the archived pages list, to preserve the context in which they were organized in the archive.

Who can restore a page

Permission to restore a page from the archive is tied to the permission to archive a page. If you have permission to archive a page, you have permission to restore it.

Coming soon: space admins will be able to bulk restore pages from the archive, just like they’re able to bulk archive.

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