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Inserting links to your whiteboard

Add more context to your whiteboarding sessions using links and Smart Links. You can link to content outside of whiteboards, Jira issues, Confluence pages, or your favorite cloud apps and websites.

Here are three different ways to insert links into your whiteboards.


Add links as URLs:

  1. Go to the page for the link you want to use.

  2. Copy the URL.

  3. Paste the URL on the whiteboard wherever you want it to appear.

Smart Links are a richer way of hyperlinking from your favorite cloud apps and websites. They provide important context about the link without you needing to leave a whiteboard.

Not all links are supported by Smart Links. When a link is not supported, you will see the link be inserted onto the whiteboard as a plain URL.

In whiteboards, there are two different ways to display Smart Links:

  • Display card

Examples of Smart Links displayed as cards

The card view is a simplified view of the link’s content. It will generally show a brief summary of the link and its most important data. For example, for a Jira issue, you will see the issue type, issue key, issue summary, status, and the number of comments.

  • Display embed

Examples of Smart Links displayed as embeds

An embed is the richest Smart Link view. It provides you with an interactive preview of the link’s content. For example, an embedded view of a Google Slide shows a slide deck that you can navigate through. Some links, like YouTube videos, can default to the embed view when you add them to a whiteboard.

A menu showing the Smart Link display options with the card selected

Not all Smart Links have an embedded view. If possible you can switch from a card view to an embed using the floating toolbar.

  1. Select the Smart Link you’d like to change the display of.

  2. Choose which display you’d like for the Smart Link.

Example of a Smart Link being previewed

If a Smart Link has an embed, you can see an expanded view of it by clicking on the Preview button in the floating toolbar.

Embed your whiteboard into Jira, Confluence, and Trello

Easily embed ideas and add visualization to your workflows by embedding a whiteboard Smart Link to project posters, product roadmaps, kanban boards, and more.


To embed your whiteboard:

  1. Copy the link to a whiteboard.

  2. Paste it into a Confluence page, Jira board, or Trello card.

  3. Select Embed as the view state in the floating toolbar.

Example of a whiteboard embedded

Smart Links respect the permissions of a link. If a link has permissions for who can and can’t see the link’s content, you may need to authenticate yourself.

For any Smart Link that requires authentication, you will see a message in the Smart Link asking for you to authenticate. Select through the authentication flow to preview the Smart Link.

If you’ve already authenticated for the Smart Link of an app (e.g. Google Docs) in another Atlassian product, you won’t have to authenticate it again in whiteboards.

Import Jira issues

The Jira issue import dialog lets you search for and insert single or multiple Jira issue links into your whiteboard. You can import from the cloud versions of Jira, Jira Service Management, and Jira Product Discovery.

Learn more about importing Jira issues

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