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Manage Confluence page templates

Global templates are page templates that are available in every space on your instance. As a Confluence administrator, you can control which templates are available globally, edit existing templates, create your own, and even install new ones from the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can also learn about managing page templates, blueprints, and reports in a specific space.

What’s the difference between a template and a blueprint?

Blueprints are templates created by Atlassian or by third-party developers. From an end-user perspective, blueprints and templates are the same, but there are some important differences for administrators.

Site administrators can:

  • Install global blueprints from the Atlassian Marketplace

  • Enable and disable global blueprints

  • Edit existing global blueprints

  • Promote and unpromote global blueprints

Space administrators can:

  • Enable and disable blueprints for the space they manage

  • Edit blueprints to customize them for their space

  • Promote and unpromote blueprints within their space

Neither site administrators nor space administrators can create blueprints. However, they can create custom templates.


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