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Administer global templates

Global templates are page templates that are available in every space on your site. As a Confluence administrator, you can control which templates are available globally, edit existing templates, create your own, and even install new ones from the Atlassian Marketplace.

For information about using templates or managing space-specific templates and blueprints, see Page templates.

Templates and blueprints

If you’ve been using Confluence for a while, you may have seen the term blueprint and wondered what the difference is between a template and a blueprint. Templates and blueprints are practically identical when you’re using them, but the operate slightly differently in the code, and those differences show up in a few, limited places in the user interface.

We’ll use template throughout these docs to refer to both templates and blueprints, except when there is a practical difference in behavior. If you’re a developer who needs to understand these differences in order to create and share blueprints on the Atlassian Marketplace, see our developer documentation.

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