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Add the feels with stamps and stickers

Stamps can be placed on a whiteboard for visual feedback for live and async collaboration. Use them to vote on an idea, generate heat maps, assign work to your team, and illustrate where ideas remain unclear. They are often granular representations of how people feel about a specific idea, piece of content on a board, etc.

Stickers are more playful and illustrative. Use them to add an extra flair to your whiteboard, share how people feel at the start of a session, or just for fun. They are more macro-level and convey a feeling (not necessarily about a specific content on the board).

Add a stamp

  1. Select the stamp tool from the toolbar.

  2. Select your stamp of choice.

  3. Select the whiteboard or an element where you want to place the stamp.

Add a sticker

  1. Select the stickers tool from the toolbar.

  2. Select your sticker of choice.

  3. The sticker will be added to your whiteboard. You can select and move it to where you want to place it.


Change the stamp size and stickers after placing them on your whiteboard using the bounding box.

A stamp being resized by selecting it and dragging the handle
  1. Select a sticker or stamp that's already been placed. A bounding box with handles will appear.

  2. Select and hold one of the handles, then drag your cursor to resize

Additional Help