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Assign Questions for Confluence permissions

Questions access is governed by Confluence space permissions. If someone has access to a space, they'll be able to view, ask, and interact with questions in that space.

To change permissions for a space:

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.

  2. Select Space settingsfrom the sidebar.

  3. Select Apps from the Space permissions card.

  4. Edit permissions settings and save

For example, if you don't want all Confluence users to be able to access a particular space, and by extension its questions, remove the "View" permission for the default "confluence-users" group. If certain users can't see the space, they're already blocked from seeing questions in the space (they'll be able to see topics created with questions, but not the questions themselves).

Global questions permissions

When you install Questions for Confluence, A "global questions" space, called Questions for Confluence by default, is created. This space is where questions are kept when they're asked across your whole site rather than in a specific space.

To make sure anyone logged in to Confluence has access to global questions, make sure the permissions for this space are left on their default settings (open to Confluence users).


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