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Search the people directory

The people directory displays a list of people authorized to log in to your Confluence site, and it includes anybody who has logged in or had a user account created for them in Confluence.

View the people directory

Click People in the Confluence navigation

Search for people

To search for a particular person, type their first name and/or last name into the search box and choose Search.

  • To see everyone who uses your Confluence site, choose All People.

  • To see just those people who have set up a personal space, choose People with Personal Spaces.

Follow people's activities

Confluence's network features allow you to "follow" other people's activities in Confluence. For more info, see the Network Overview.

You can use the hover profile feature in the people directory to start following other people. Hover your pointer over their name or profile picture and choose Follow in their profile popup.

Once you start following another person, their activities will appear in your network view.

Additional Help