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Insert the decision report macro

Add a Decision report macro to your page to display a list of pages and the decisions on them.  

This macro is great for for collecting decisions together and filtering out content that you don't want to see. You could:

  • list all pages with decisions in the current space

  • list all pages with decisions in the current space that were created in the last year

  • list all pages with decisions in the current space that are in a certain section of the page tree

  • list all pages with decisions in two specific spaces that mention your Product Manager

A populated decision report macro as seen by page viewers

Add this macro to your page

To add the Decision report macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, select Insert > View more.

  2. Select Decision report from the Confluence content category.
    You can also enter /decision to select the macro

  3. Select the space(s) to aggregate decisions from by:

    1. leaving the Current space default if you want decisions from the space you are in

    2. choosing the spaces from the suggestions

    3. entering the name of a specific space

  4. Add additional filters to further narrow your query.
    You can filter by label or any other Confluence Query Language (CQL) field.

  5. Select Show to determine the maximum number of decisions. These are optional. Your changes are saved as you go.

  6. Resume editing the page, and the panel closes.

The ability to add decisions to pages is only available when pages use the new editing experience. Therefore, the macro to aggregate the decisions is only available in the new experience.

Setting up the Decision Report Macro to show all the decisions and the pages they are on in the current space

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