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Delete your account

You can delete your account when you no longer need to use Atlassian account services. When you do, you’ll immediately lose access to Confluence and all other Atlassian account services, and we’ll stop billing your organization for your account. We’ll also delete your personal data from Atlassian account services.

Once your account has been deleted, you won’t be able to reactivate it or restore your personal data.

What’s deleted

When you delete your account, we’ll permanently delete your personal data from all Atlassian account services. Your name will be replaced by Former user throughout Confluence, and your Confluence personal space will be archived.

We won’t delete:

  • Pages, blog posts, comments, or files. To manually delete the content you’ve created, follow the instructions in Delete, restore, or purge a page.

  • Personal data in user-generated content. If your personal data, such as your name, email address, or phone number, appears in the text of a Confluence Cloud page, it will remain on Confluence Cloud until the page or the site is deleted. To delete personal data from a page, blog post, or comment, you'll need to find the content using global search, then edit it to manually remove your data.

Once an account has been deleted, both the account and the personal data in it are gone forever.

How you'll appear

This is what you’ll look like to other Confluence users once you delete your account:

How a deleted user will appear in Confluence

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