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Manage your storage usage

With Confluence, you can feel confident knowing that your files and data are safeguarded in a secure environment. Each Confluence subscription offers a different amount of storage for your team’s needs.

  • Confluence Free- 2 GB

  • Confluence Standard- 250 GB

  • Confluence Premium- Unlimited storage

Tracking your storage usage

You must be a Confluence admin to view and track your storage.

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com and select your organization(if you have more than one). You can also get to this page by switching to the Administration tab using the menu in Confluence.

  2. This step is different depending on your user management settings:
    - Original: On the left nav bar, select the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site.
    - Centralized: Select Products then select the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site.

  3. Under Site settings, select Storage.

  4. For each product, you’ll see the amount of storage used and the amount remaining (if it’s not unlimited).

Confluence storage
Storage enforcement admin hub

This data may not reflect your most current storage usage, since it’s updated only every 4 hours.

Managing your storage

All pages, attachments, files, and comments take up storage. We recommend removing the biggest attachments and files to help free up some storage space. The quickest way to clear storage would be to delete pages specifically, pages with attachments.

Removing attachments

Archiving pages that contain attachments in Confluence will not free up any storage. This is because Confluence keeps files to make historical data available to you. To free storage, we recommend deleting the page altogether.

Regarding attachments, you’ll need to delete them from archived pages or delete the archived page completely. Once again, this is because Confluence stores all attachments for version history purposes.

What happens if I exceed my storage limit?

When you reach storage limits for your Confluence plan, you’ll either need to upgrade to a higher plan or remove content that is taking up storage. If you don't take action within the dedicated time frame, your team will not be able to edit or create spaces, pages, whiteboards, and content within your Confluence site.


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