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Use Home to jump into work and see what's happening

Whether you need to check on things you’ve worked on recently, keep up with what your teammates are doing, or see what content is popular on your site, the Home page lets you see it all.

Shows the overview of the Confluence Home page

This hub that lets you jump into things in a couple different ways:

  • Profile card — Select your avatar to get to your profile, jump to your personal space, or use the the following filters to narrow the pages and blog posts you see:

    • Recent — Pages, blog posts, and whiteboards you have created, edited, viewed, commented on, or reacted to; this included drafts

    • Starred — Pages, blog posts, and whiteboards you starred so that you can easily get back to them without searching or using browser bookmarks

    • Drafts — Pages and blog posts you created and closed without publishing

  • Pick up where you left off — See the five items that you interacted with most recently; interactions include visits, edits, and comments.

  • Discover what’s happening — View the most popular items on your site; popularity is determined by interactions like comments and reactions. You can also follow certain people or spaces to fine-tune the Following section so that you see a list of activity that’s meaningful to you.

  • Spaces — Get back to the spaces you care about, starred or recently visited. You can even create a new space from here.

  • Announcements — See information from your site's administrator. If your administrator hasn't created announcement content, this section won't appear. If you are the admin, you can customize the information from here.

  • Calendars — Review the calendars and events in your team calendars. This section only appears if the Team Calendars for Confluence app has been added to your Confluence site.


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