You can quickly add events to your calendars and categorize them into different event types for easier viewing and management.

Add an Event 

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Choose Add Event
    • Click a date on the calendar in either the month or week view
    • Double-click on the Timeline view
  2. Select which type of event you'd like to add from the Event Type drop-down
  3. Complete the other details for your event and choose Add

Event Types

Each calendar includes a standard set of event types, which you can use to classify the different events in the calendar. You can also create custom event types to capture events that don't fit into the standard event types.

Delete an Event

To delete an event, select the event and choose Delete from the inline dialog.

If you don't see the Delete option, the reason is usually:

  • You don't have edit permissions on the calendar
  • The event you're trying to edit is a JIRA event (sprint, version or issue). If this is the case, the change to the JIRA item has to happen in JIRA.