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Filter your data

Save filters as views.

Filters can be saved as part of a view. For more information on creating and using views, check out our page on Database views.

Filters make it easy to display only the items in your database that meet specified criteria, that is, have (or don't have) specific properties. They can be as simple or complex as you need.

Add a filter

Filter options from view settings

To create a filter:

  1. Select Filter entries at the top of your database or the Filter option while editing a view.

  2. Select the field that you'd like to filter by.

  3. Select a suitable condition (is not, is, contains,...).

  4. Enter the value you want to use as the filter.

You can add another filter by selecting the + Add filter button. You can have as many filters as you'd like!

When you have multiple filters, you can decide whether the entries should show based on whether they match all or any of the filters.

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