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Merge multiple Confluence Cloud sites

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Confluence Cloud does not currently support merging multiple sites. However, there are workarounds available, and the workaround you choose will depend on your needs, including how many Confluence Cloud sites you want to merge.

In the instructions below, the Confluence Cloud site that data is being copied from is referred to as the source site, and the Confluence Cloud site that data is being copied to is referred to as the destination site.

Notify support of your migration window

If you’ll be performing your migration over a weekend or holiday, or are migrating over 1,000 users to cloud, get in touch at least two weeks in advance to let us know. This is so we can ensure we have extra support on hand during your migration. Learn more about how we support cloud migrations

To merge two Confluence Cloud sites

This method requires setting up a Confluence Data Center instance. You’ll need to create a backup of the data from your source cloud site, restore this backup in the Data Center instance, and use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to import the data into your destination cloud site. You can use this method to consolidate two cloud sites or move specific spaces from one Confluence Cloud site to another.

This is the simplest way to maintain your setup and configuration and only requires downtime for one of your cloud sites.

This method may not work for all customers. We recommend that you test this method before performing a production migration. This will help you anticipate the issues that you may encounter during your migration and resolve them in advance.


Let's say you have two Confluence Cloud sites: Confluence Cloud A and Confluence Cloud B. You want to move all or some spaces from Confluence Cloud B into Confluence Cloud A (your destination site) so you can have a single, consolidated cloud site. To do this you’ll need to:

  1. Install the latest version of Confluence Data Center. You can do this by generating a free trial license from my.atlassian.com. Note that Confluence Data Center trial licenses last for 30 days. If you need more time to complete your migration, licenses can be extended to 90 days upon request.

  2. Create a backup of Confluence Cloud B. This will contain the users and spaces you want to import to Confluence Cloud A.

  3. Import your data from Confluence Cloud B to Confluence Data Center.

  4. Use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to import your users and spaces from Confluence Data Center to Confluence Cloud A.


We strongly encourage performing a dry-run of the import and doing User Acceptance Testing on a test cloud site (which can be created using a free trial) before proceeding with the import on your production cloud site.

To merge three or more Confluence Cloud sites

The method outlined above using a Confluence Data Center instance is only suitable for merging two Confluence Cloud sites. To merge three or more sites, follow these instructions to import a Confluence Cloud space to an existing cloud site.

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