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Create and collaborate on live-edit pages in Confluence

This feature is currently only available to select participants of an experimental Early Access Program (EAP). Existing pages are not impacted by participation in this EAP.

Have questions, concerns, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you in our private EAP Community group or through the feedback banner at the top of every live-edit page.

Interested in participating in this EAP? Fill out an interest form to let us know.

What is the live-edit pages EAP?

Live-edit pages are an experimental feature designed to be a more dynamic, efficient, and collaborative way of creating and sharing work in Confluence.

This early access program will allow you to create frictionless live-edit pages that can be updated and collaborated on instantly, without the need to publish. Any changes made to a live-edit page are automatically saved and reflected to all viewers in real time.

Image of a live-edit page in Confluence

How do I get started?

To get started working with live-edit pages, you’ll need to have them turned on as the default page experience in the space you’re in. Live-edit pages can be turned on or off as the default page experience in any given space.

A view of Space settings entry point in the sidebar of a space

To turn live-edit pages on in any space, so that any new pages created will be live edit by default, admins can select Space settings from the sidebar of any space.

View of the Features entry point from Space settings

Then, select Features from Manage space.

A view of the Live-edit Pages toggle setting in Space Settings

A menu of feature toggles will appear. Under Content, toggle Live-edit pages on in order to default all new pages created in the space to live-edit pages. Again, existing pages in the space will not be affected.

Alternatively, this toggle can be turned off anytime, defaulting new pages in that space back to the standard draft-to-published experience within Confluence today. Live-edit pages that were created while the toggle was on will remain live edit.

Image of creation flow for new collaborative space in Confluence

Creating a brand new space and selecting the Collaboration option, or visiting an existing collaboration space, will also give you access to live-edit pages.

How do I create a live-edit page?

As always, you can create a new page by selecting Page from the Create menu, or + from the sidebar.

Image of contextual creation of a page from sidebar

Note: Whenever you create a new live-edit page, it is immediately visible in the sidebar, and anyone with access to the space can see it. You can make it private anytime.

How does editing and collaborating work?

Live editing in Confluence allows you to collaborate with others in real time. Multiple users can edit the same page at the same time and see each other's changes instantly. This makes it easy to work together and avoid conflicts. You can see who else is currently editing the page by looking at the circular user avatars on the toolbar.

Image of presence avatars on the toolbar


You can invite others to view and/or collaborate on your page by sharing a link to it using the Copy link button on the toolbar, or by selecting Share. Those with access will be able to navigate to your page and make edits in real time.

Image of the Share modal

Comments, @ mentions, tasks

Highlight text to leave in-line comments in order to provide feedback, suggest changes, or ask questions. You can also @ mention or assign tasks to anyone with access to your page, and they’ll be notified instantly about it, unless you choose not to notify them.

Success flag for mentioning someone in a live-edit page with option to not notify the mentioned user

Privacy and permissions

Live-edit pages adhere to the same privacy and permissions settings as all Confluence pages.

Whenever you first create a live-edit page, it is immediately visible in the sidebar, and anyone with access to the space can see it. You can review or adjust who has access to view and edit your page at any time by selecting the lock icon on the toolbar.

Copy and move

Live-edit pages can be copied and moved within and across spaces in the same way they can be now.

How can I be sure my content is saved?

Confluence will automatically save page edits every 5 seconds, so you don't have to worry about manually saving your work.

Confluence will also store a new version in Page history approximately 30 minutes after your last editing session is complete.

Image of Page History selection in More Options menu

You can view the version history of your page by selecting Page history from the … menu. Page history allows you to compare page versions, revert to previous versions if needed, and track the evolution of your page.


What about publishing? Can I still do that?

Live editing in Confluence does not require you to publish your page in order to display its content or share updates with your team. All edits are instantly visible to everyone with access to the page.

However, if you’d like to publish your page as documentation (or another formal type of content) with a separate view and edit mode, you can opt to Publish from the (More actions) menu.

Image of Publish option in the More options menu

Can I switch published pages to live editing?


To switch any published page to live editing instantly, select Switch to live editing from the (More actions) menu. Then confirm that you’re ready to make the switch by selecting Confirm.

The 'Switch to live editing' a page option is available in the more actions menu
The modal that confirms a user would live to switch their published page to a live-edit page

Note that version history for the page will remain saved, but comments at the footer of the page - as well as reactions - will not be visible while live editing. They will, however, reappear if and when the page is published once again.

What is not included in this EAP experience?

Within any new collaboration space you create, you’ll have full access to live editing in Confluence. However, not all current Confluence functionality is available in this experience yet.

Here’s what is not yet available while using live-edit pages in Confluence:

  • Marketplace apps

  • Some Atlassian Intelligence features

  • Presenter mode

  • Page footer comments and reactions

Automation is available, however please be aware that:

  • Rules that include a "page published" event will trigger when a live-edit page is created.

  • Rules that include a "page updated" event will trigger approximately 30 minutes after a user's live editing session has ended.

  • Rules that involve "page comments" will not work for live-edit pages, as page footer commenting is not yet supported.

Additionally, access to the template library is limited and certain macros will require you to publish your page in order to display and use them fully.



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