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Customize your personal space

Spaces are Confluence's way of organizing content into meaningful categories. Think of them as different folders where you can store your work. A personal space is an area in your Confluence site that is automatically created for you to store everything you're working on individually, to keep your to-do lists, and to polish any content before you move it into another shared space.

If a personal space wasn’t automatically created for you, you can create one.

  1. Select your profile icon at the top right of the global navigation bar

  2. Select Add Personal Space

  3. Give your space a name

  4. Select Create

Set up your personal space

You can use your personal space to jot down new ideas, introduce yourself to your team, keep track of tasks, store important items or files, polish content before sharing with others and more. There are three ways to get to your personal space:

  • Select Spaces in the global navigation bar. Your personal space is automatically starred for easy access.

  • Select your profile icon at the top right of the global navigation bar and select Personal Space.

  • Select Home in the global navigation bar. All starred spaces are shown on the right.

To customize your space overview:

  1. Select Overview in the space sidebar. Some basic sections have been added to the page for you, but you can modify it and make it your own. When you select Overview, the page appears, but in order to do anything, you have to edit it.

  2. Select the edit icon at the top right of the Overview page.

  3. Keep the parts of the page that work for you, and browse for other elements to use by selecting the in the toolbar.

  4. Select Publish… when you are done editing your Overview to proceed with publishing it. You can come back anytime and update the page.

Use templates to add content to your space

You can use Confluence templates to help build out your personal space. Popular templates include the User Manual (contains preferred working hours, how you like to work, etc.), To-Do List, Blog, and Meeting Notes, but there are many more to choose from in the template gallery that can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

Set permissions

Since the space is completely yours, you can set permissions to restrict access, allow certain people to view and edit, or keep it open to all. Unless you set a permission, the pages will default as accessible to your team.

To determine who can see a page and edit it, select the lock icon at the top right of a page to change permissions. Learn more about setting permissions

Share content

Once your content is ready to share, you can invite others to view and edit or you can move the content to another space. It's easy to move content from one space to another so if you move something by accident, you can simply move it back.

Another way to share updates and announcements is to blog to your key internal groups and teams. A blog post is created by selecting the next to Blog in the space sidebar. The same tools and elements available when authoring a page are available for blogs. Published blogs live outside of the page tree in a space and are organized by date and are often more conversational in tone.

Manage your space

There are other actions you can choose for your personal space content by using the More actions () menu at the top right of the page.

  • Export the page or attachments as a PDF or Microsoft Word document

  • Archive content that you don’t want to delete but still want to keep

  • Delete the space


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