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Create a space from a template

Confluence has a number of space templates available to help you get started quickly, understand what exactly you’re creating, and have a baseline of content relevant to your needs. When creating a new space from a template, you will get sample pages as well as an informational overview page to set you up for success.

To create a space from a template:

  1. Select Spaces in the Confluence navigation, then Create a space.

  2. Select the space type you want from the template options available.
    If you want to start with a blank space (without a template), select Blank. For more information, see Create a blank space.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Select the space icon if you want to change it to another one. You can also upload your own.

  5. Enter a name for your space. A unique space key is automatically generated for you based on the space name, but you can choose to change it under Additional options. You can also optionally set permissions.

  6. Select Create space to finish.

Creating a new space in Confluence from a template

Space templates

Confluence administrators can customize what templates are available, so the templates listed here may not match what you can use to create a new space.

  • Documentation space

  • Knowledge base space
    (Can be integrated with Jira Service Desk)

  • Software project space
    (Available if your Jira instance and Confluence are linked)

  • Team spaces for:

    • Project management

    • IT

    • Product management

    • Marketing

    • Design

    • Customer support

    • Finance

    • Legal

    • Operations

    • Sales

    • Human resources

    • Research

    • Your specific team type isn’t listed? Just select the Team space template.

Additional Help