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Understand Confluence whiteboards plans and features

As Confluence whiteboards transition from beta to general availability, some changes are being implemented to the feature access for users on the Confluence Free and Standard plans. This article overviews these updates and helps users understand how they impact their whiteboard experience.

Plan features and limitations

Your access to Confluence whiteboards may change if you change your plan.

Free plan

The Free plan has a few changes to limits and feature availability.

  • Availability: You’ll still be able to use Confluence whiteboards on your current plan

  • Board limits: Three active whiteboards per user. This means that each individual user can own up to three active whiteboards.

  • Jira integration: Import Jira issues and convert items to Jira issues

  • Smart features: Smart sections and smart connectors are only available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Existing boards will have access to any smart features already used, but new ones can't be added.

Active whiteboards are those you can edit and collaborate on within your plan, while those exceeding your limit become read-only for viewing past content.

Standard plan

All Free plan features, plus:

  • Board permissions: Apply the same granular control you have over other content types to whiteboards

  • Same active board limit as Free

Premium and Enterprise plans

  • Unlimited active whiteboards per user

  • Full access to all features, including smart sections and smart connectors

Managing your whiteboards

If you exceed the three active board limit on the Free or Standard plan, your last three created boards will remain active. Any additional boards will become read-only, allowing you to view and access existing information but not make edits. This ensures you can keep working on your most important projects while managing your board usage efficiently.

What can you do now?

  • Upgrade your plan: If you need more active boards, consider upgrading to a Premium or Enterprise plan for unlimited access.

  • Learn more: Check out our comprehensive documentation on Confluence Cloud plans: Learn about the features of Confluence Cloud plans


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