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Take bulk Jira actions with smart sections

Smart sections are super-charged sections that help make your collaboration sessions more efficient. Smart sections take the effort out of making updates to Jira issues after planning sessions, helping you and your team move work forward effortlessly.

Creating a smart section

Start by adding a section to the whiteboard, by selecting the section element from the global toolbar. Once you’ve added a section to your whiteboard, select the section to trigger the element/floating toolbar.

Selecting the create action button from a selected section
  1. Select Create action button to open the configuration panel.

  2. Choose a site, project, and issue type from the options in the picker in order to configure an action, then fill in all the fields.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Start dragging Jira issues into the section to update in real-time and have this change reflected in Jira.

Dragging an issue into a smart section

Note: Smart sections currently only support Jira actions, therefore only Jira issues dragged into the section will have the action applied.

Editing a smart section

To update or change an existing smart section:

  1. Select the section.

  2. Select ‘Edit action’.

  3. Make any changes to the fields.

  4. Select Save.

Here you can also, select Clear action to remove the action previously configured. Actions previously applied to Jira issues already in the section will still remain.

Clearing an action for a smart section from the edit action modal

Deleting a smart section

To delete a smart section:

  1. Select the section.

  2. Press Delete / Backspace.

Deleting a section will also delete its contents. To delete a section without deleting its contents;

  1. Select everything in the section.

  2. Drag it to another place on the whiteboard.

  3. Select the section and press Delete / Backspace.

Undo with smart sections

Performing an ‘Undo’ after moving an issue into a section will not undo the Jira action.

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