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Navigation tools in whiteboards

Confluence whiteboards are in beta. Reach out to your Product admin to enable this feature. Explore further details about Confluence whiteboards here.

Pan, zoom, and move around your whiteboard in one of two ways:

Use the cursor tool to select and move objects

Using the select tool to move a sticky note
  1. Select the cursor in the toolbar, or use the V key to activate the select tool.

  2. Select a single element.

  3. Select and hold an empty space, then drag your cursor to select multiple elements.

  4. Select and hold an element, then drag your cursor to move it.

Use the ✋ Hand tool to pan and zoom

The hand tool allows you to move around within your whiteboard without accidentally selecting, or moving elements around.

Using the hand tool to pan
  1. Select the hand in the toolbar, or use the H key to activate the hand tool.

  2. Pan around the whiteboard using your mouse or trackpad:

    • select and drag to pan

    • scroll to pan up and down

    • scroll + <Shift> to pan left and right


    • select and drag to pan

    • use two fingers

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