If you’re the administrator of a space, you control the permissions for it. You can choose to assign or revoke permissions on either an individual user basis or by Confluence Groups.

Space permissions aren’t customizable on the Free plan.

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Confluence Administrators can put users into groups to make it easier to manage permissions. If you’re not a Confluence administrator and want to know if someone belongs to a group, ask your administrator to check for you.

To access the permissions for a space:

  1. Browse to the space.

  2. Choose Space settings from the Confluence sidebar.

  3. Choose the Permissions tab.

Permissions in Confluence are additive, so if you belong to different groups with different permissions, you will have the combined permissions of those groups. 

  • An Override all permissions menu at the top where you can change all the permissions on the page in one quick action.

  • A Licensed Users section where you grant permissions to groups and individual users.

  • An Anonymous Access section where you grant permissions to users who are not logged in (essentially, making the space public).

Override all permissions on a space

A quick way to change the permissions on the space is to override all of its permissions. When you override the permissions, you can choose whether to use the default permissions set by your Confluence admin or, if you’re on the Premium plan, to copy the permissions from another space.

You can’t undo the override action.

To override all permissions on the space:

  1. Navigate to the space.

  2. Click Space settings from the Confluence sidebar.

  3. Click the Permissions tab.

  4. From the Override all permissions menu, choose an option:

    • Default permissions: The space will use the permissions set for all spaces by your Confluence admin

    • Copy permissions from another space: (Available on the Premium plan) Use the permissions from another space. You can choose to copy the permissions from any space that you’re a space admin of.

  5. If you selected Copy permissions from another space, choose the space whose permissions you want to copy.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Confirm you want to override all permissions on this space.

Copy permissions from another space

Only available on the Premium plan.

If you’re the space admin of another space, you can reuse that space’s permissions in an existing space. This helps quickly change your space permissions.

  1. Start overriding permissions on a space, as described above.

  2. In the Override space permissions menu, select Copy permissions from another space.

  3. In the Select a space field, type and select the name of the space whose permissions you want to copy.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Copy permissions to confirm you want to override the permissions with those of the selected space.

Assign space permissions to licensed users

To add a new user or group to the permissions list, search for either a group or user in their respective sections and choose Add. The group or user will appear in the list of groups; select the specific permissions you'd like to apply then choose Save all. You can bulk assign or revoke permissions by using Select All or Deselect All.

There's no way to change permissions for multiple spaces at once. However, if you’re a Confluence administrator you can set default space permissions, which will apply to all new spaces

Confluence default permissions

To set the default space permissions:

  1. Go to 


    in the Confluence navigation
  2. Click Space Permissions
  3. Click Edit Permissions

Default permissions are configurable for groups only, not for individual or anonymous users.

Revoke space permissions

To remove a user or group from the space permissions list, deselect all the checkboxes for that user or group and save the changes. The user or group won't appear in the list once you save.

Manage and recover space admin permissions

Confluence Administrators are able to recover permissions. For example, if a space admin accidentally denies all admin access to a space so that nobody administer the space any more, you can recover access to those permissions, if you're a Confluence Admin.

To recover Space Admin permissions:

  1. Go to 


    in the Confluence navigation
  2. Click Space Permissions.
  3. Locate the space in the Individual Spaces list, and click Recover Permissions.

To manage permissions:

  1. Go to 


    in the Confluence navigation
  2. Click Space Permissions.
  3. Locate the space in the Individual Spaces list, and click Manage Permissions.
  4. Add any other appropriate permissions to the space. Requests to recover permissions are recorded in the Confluence audit log.  

Confluence manage permissions