The administrator contact page is a form that allows a user of Confluence to send a message to the administrators of their Confluence site. (In this context, administrators are the members of the default administrators group.)

See Default Groups and Permissions in Atlassian Cloud to find out what your default administrators group is called.

The title of the administrator contact page is 'Contact Site Administrators'. Typically, Confluence users may get to this page by clicking a link on an error screen such as the '500 error' page.

Customizing the Administrator Contact Message

You can customize the message that is presented to the user on the 'Contact Site Administrators' page.  
To edit the administrator contact message:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Choose General Configuration in the left-hand panel
  3. Click Edit at the top of the "Site Configuration" section
  4. Enter your text in the Contact Administrators Message box (you can enter any text or Confluence wiki markup)
  5. Hit Save

The Default Administrator Contact Message

By default, the message starts with "Please enter information..." To restore the message to its default, remove the custom message you entered when following the instructions above, so that the 'Custom Contact Administrators Message' field is empty.

Disable the Administrator Contact Form

You can only disable the form if you first provide a custom "Contact Administrators Message" as described above.

To enable or disable the administrator contact form:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation

  2. Choose General Configuration in the left-hand panel
  3. Click Edit at the top of the "Site Configuration" section
  4. Un-check the Contact Administrators Form checkbox
  5. Hit Save

Configuring Spam Prevention

You can configure Confluence to use Captcha to help prevent spam, including the spamming of Confluence administrators. The administrator contact form is covered by the site-wide Captcha settings as documented in Configuring Captcha for Spam Prevention