If you have space admin privileges, you can change your space name and logo, or use Atlassian Marketplace themes to change the whole look of your space.

  1. Navigate to the space.
  2. Click Space Settings in the sidebar. The Space Settings page appears.
  3. To change the space name:
    1. Click Edit Space Details.
    2. Type in a new space name and Save.
  4. To change the space logo:
    1. Click [Edit] next to Space Logo.  The Space details modal window appears.
    2. Upload the image by dragging the image onto the window or by clicking Upload an image.
    3. Click Save.

You can't change the space logo for your personal space, which uses your profile picture as the space logo.

Customize your space sidebar

After navigating to a space, click Space Settings.

From the Sidebar Configuration tab, you can determine which content types display in the sidebar. You can do this for your overview, blog, and any add-on content types, such as questions or calendars. 

Space shortcuts

Add important content to your sidebar using space shortcuts.

You can link to pages in the space, other related spaces, or relevant external web content as well as reorder the shortcuts as needed.

Apply a theme to a space

Themes are used to change the appearance of your space. Confluence comes with a default theme, but your Confluence Administrator can download and install other themes from The Atlassian Marketplace

Once a theme is installed, it can be applied to the whole site, or just to individual spaces.

To apply a theme to a space:

  1. Click on the space name in the navigation, and click Space Settings, then click the Look and Feel tab
    You'll need space admin permission to do this. 
  2. Choose Themes and pick a theme option
  3. Hit Confirm

What's the global look and feel?

Global look and feel refers to a theme that's applied at the site level, and applies to all newly created spaces. Changes made to the global look and feel will flow through to all spaces that inherit it.

If a space has its own theme applied, it won't inherit changes from the global look and feel.

To go back to inheriting the global look and feel, click Global look and feel from the Themes tab.