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Control which groups can use analytics

This feature is offered with Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

Set who can view analytics in Confluence

If you're a Confluence administrator, you can control who can view analytics on your instance. Set global permissions by allowing or denying groups access to analytics. 

  1. Browse to the Confluence administration.

  2. Click Security > Analytics permissions in the sidebar.

  3. Edit, select the groups, and click Save.

Notes on global permissions:

  • When no restrictions are applied at the global level, new groups added to your instance will have access to analytics.

  • When at least one group is denied access to analytics, all new groups will also be denied access by default.

  • Anonymous users can't view analytics.

Set who can view analytics in a space

If you're a space administrator, you can control who can view analytics in your space. Set space permissions by allowing or denying users or groups access to analytics. 

A user or group must have analytics permissions at the global Confluence level before they can be granted space-level permissions.

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.

  2. Select Space settings from the sidebar. 

  3. Select Analytics Permissions from the Space permissionscard.

  4. Select Viewing analytics restricted from the drop-down menu.

  5. Type a name into the search box to find a person or group, then select the correct entry to grant them access. To revoke access, select Remove next to their name on the list.

  6. Select Save to save your changes.

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