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Subscribe to Team Calendars from Google Calendar

Integrating Team Calendars with your Google Calendar is a great way to keep track of your team's leave, travel, rosters, and projects, all in one place.

Subscribe to Team Calendars from Google Calendar

In Confluence:

  1. Choose  to the right of your calendar, then choose Subscribe

  2. Choose the Add to Google Calendar button (if it's visible

Subscribe to Team Calendars from Google Calendar.

If your server is using https, due to Google restrictions, you won't see the Add to Google Calendar link. If that's the case, continue the process below.

  1. Copy the link URL

  2. In Google Calendar: 

    1. Choose Add by URL from the Other Calendars menu

    2. Paste the Team Calendars URL into Google Calendars

Adding a Team Calendars URL into Google Calendars

Known issues and limitations

These limitations are due to different issues in Google Calendar.

  • Google Calendar refresh times are delayed. They range from 3 hours to 24 hours.

  • Subscriptions are read-only (you cannot modify events from Google Calendar).

  • Subscribed Team Calendars names are truncated if they have a space in the title.


Adding a calendar to Google Calendars may give you this error: "Could not fetch the url because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the url." This means your server administrator is disallowing search engines from indexing your servers. A server administrator will need to modify your robots.txt to allow Google to index Team Calendars. 

In your robots.txt file, add the following line:

1 2 3 User-agent: * ... Allow: /rest/calendar-services/1.0/calendar/export/subcalendar/private/*

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